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This is a 4 Week Challenge designed to keep you focused and motivated. Break those bad habits and start the new year fresh. In this challenge you'll initally pay in $50 in which you could get it all back!! The goal is to lose a certain percentage of body weight in your 4 weeks. If you are able to do this you'll recieve a full refund. If you are unable to keep up with the 4 weeks and shed the pounds, your $50 fee will be put into the purse of winners. 

The goal is not to have the most weight lost, but to build better eating habits. To learn and grow during the process in order to achive a true lifestyle change to adhere to throughout the year. 


Tips for success. 

- Download a macro counting app (My Fitness Pal)

- Look up your indivudlized caloric intake and macro split (Katy Herns Macro Counter)

- Don't go overboard. Stick to a calorie deficit that is manageable

- Eat small meals often 

- Avoid high calorie foods and drinks


Weight Loss Challenge

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