What People Are Saying

Customer reviews from our amazing gym family! 

"Great workouts, welcoming atmosphere. Joe is patient with all levels of experience including children."

- Suzette Miller

3 Pillars MBS Kids.jpg

"I signed up my son for the 4 week kids training in July. My son left with more confidence and knowledge to improve his timed mile. Joe is a great personal trainer and mentor for the community."

- Michelle Taylor


"Been a member of this gym since the gyms reopened after the shut down. The 24 hour access has been amazing since all the other gyms close now.

Very functional for strength training and cardio. The boot camps look like a challenge. I’ve yet to dk one but I’ve been here while they are going on!!!

Highly recommend!!!!"

— Jason Fisher


"First time taking the obstacle training course. Came alone.....felt very welcomed.  Thank you again Alicia.  I look forward to more."

— Mary Lembeck Hunt

"Iron Rig is a facility with first rate equipment and a top notch trainer. The bootcamp style classes are challenging but fun, and can be tailored to ability/fitness level. The recent addition of yoga classes is a bonus."

— Jennifer Luebbe Carbon


"Legit gym with good prices. Owner is cool as well. Would recommend to new people or experienced."

— Danny Williams